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Managing My Wish List

How Can I Use the Gift Manager to Manage My Registry?

The Gift Manager helps you to keep track of gifts you’ve received, gift-givers you’ve thanked and those you still need to thank. You can even Read more...

What if I forget my Wish List password?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, you can reset it within minutes using our "Forgot Password" feature.  Read more...

How do I share my Wish List with my friends and family?

Spreading the word about your Wish List is easy. Once you've created your Wish List, you can send your friends and family members a notification Read more...

What are purchase alerts?

Purchase alerts are email or SMS notifications that provide you with a weekly summary of items that have been purchased off your Wish List. You can sign Read more...

What is the Notifications Panel?

The Notifications Panel is accessible from your dashboard every time you log in to your Wish List. It displays important alerts about the items you’ Read more...

What is the Wish List Dashboard?

Every time you log into your Wish List, the Dashboard appears at the top of the page, above your Wish List. It enables you to see your Wish List progress Read more...