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Creating a Wish LIst

How do I use my Wish List password if I created my wish list in store?

You’ll need a Wish List password anytime you want to make updates to your Wish List on Once you have your Wish List password: Go to Read more...

Can I create more than one Wish List under my account?

Yes, absolutely! As a parent, you can designate yourself as the Wish List creator and create one master account for your home, accessible via a unique Read more...

How do I create a Wish List online?

Simply follow these to set up a Wish List online: Click the link for the Wish List pageUnder the section labeled "Create a Wish List" click Read more...

How do I create a Wish List in store?

You can visit any Toys"R"Us or Babies"R"Us store to create a Wish List. Our knowledgeable and helpful Team Members will be happy to Read more...

How do I create a Wish List?

Creating a Wish List is fast and easy! You can create a Wish List in our stores or online, and Wish Lists created in store can be updated online and vice Read more...