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How will I know when to go to the store to pick up my order?

You may go to the store after you have received the "Ready for Store Pickup" email. Please do not confuse this with any other email Read more...

How long will the store hold my order?

Your “Ready for Store Pickup” email will provide you with detail for the number of days in which to pick up your order; typically, this will Read more...

Where do I pick up my order?

Easy! There are multiple ways you can check in to pick up your order after receiving your "Ready for Store Pickup" email. Option 1: Go to the Read more...

Can I have someone pick up my order for me?

Absolutely! If you would like someone else other than yourself to pick up your order, simply use the "Family & Friends Pickup" option when Read more...

Do I need to bring anything to the store when I pick up my order?

Yes, you will need the following items when picking up your order:  “Ready for Store Pickup” email (1 for each store selected)Valid ID: Read more...