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Rewards"R"Us Membership Number

Lost your rewards card?

You can still receive credit for your purchases. Just print a temporary card by clicking here and logging in to your Rewards“R”Us Read more...

Can I update my membership number in "My Account" if I accidentally entered it incorrectly?

Of course! You can easily update an incorrectly entered Rewards"R"Us membership number by accessing your "my account" page and Read more...

How do I save my Rewards membership number?

For a faster, easier checkout, you can save your Rewards“R"Us membership number to your "R"Us online shopping account. Simply click Read more...

What if I receive an error message associated with my Rewards"R"Us number?

If you receive an error message when setting up your Rewards"R"Us information in "my account" or using your Rewards"R"Us Read more...

How do I retrieve my Rewards"R"Us membership number?

Your 13-digit member ID can be found on the back of your Rewards "R" Us membership card or the back of your "R" Us Credit Card. If you Read more...