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What is your Layaway cancellation policy?

You may cancel your Layaway order at any time in the store in which you created it. Your order will be automatically cancelled and ordered merchandise returned to stock:

  • If you have not made payments of 40% of the total price of the order within thirty (30) days; and 70% within sixty (60) days.
  • If your balance is not paid in full within ninety (90) days or prior to the end of the holiday layaway period, whichever is earlier. (See a Team Member for details on holiday Layaway period dates.)
  • If you do not pick up your merchandise at the store you have designated within seven (7) days after it is made available.

When your order is cancelled, a full refund less the cancellation fee will be refunded to you in person in cash or as a credit to your charge card or debit card. In Maryland, you have fifteen (15) days after the payment deadlines to make the required payment and avoid cancellation.

In the event of a cancellation before the end of ninety (90) days, you must request a refund in person at your designated store. You are eligible for a full refund less the cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee for all Layaway contracts is $10. In Maryland, Rhode Island and Ohio, the cancellation fee cannot exceed 10%. In Rhode Island and Ohio there is no cancellation fee for orders cancelled within fourteen (14) days of the order. In Maryland, there is no cancellation or service fee for orders cancelled within seven (7) days of the order.

If, when you make your final payment, we are unable to provide you with the merchandise specified in the Layaway contract, you will receive a full refund of the deposit and all subsequent payments made under this contract except as provided by law.