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How do I change or cancel my order?

Cancellations Due to Order Processing Difficulties
Occasionally, orders or parts of an order are cancelled for various reasons. Some reasons are:

  • The item(s) are not available
  • Your payment information could not be verified
  • The shipping address could not be verified

If your order is cancelled, you will receive an important notice regarding your order via email, which will explain the reason for the cancellation. You will not be billed for any cancelled items.

Changing or Canceling Your Order

At this time, we are unable to modify or make changes to an order once it has been submitted.

Only Ship to Home orders with Standard Shipping may be cancelled within 45 minutes of submitting your order. All other orders, including Ship To Home orders with Express or Expedited shipping cannot be cancelled after the order is submitted because they are processed immediately to ensure we meet the expected delivery obligation.

If you are able to cancel your order you will see a "Cancel Order" button when viewing your order in the Track Your Order section of the website (My Account -> Order Status/Tracking -> Track your order). You can also access your order by clicking on the link found in the cancellation information section of your confirmation email. When viewing your order simply click on the button and your order will be cancelled. If you do not see this button, that is an indication that your order is either not eligible for cancellation or it is too far along in processing to be cancelled; it will ship as expected.

Here is an easy reference chart to help determine if your order can be cancelled:

Delivery or Pickup Method

Cancellation Window

Ship to Home with Standard Shipping

Cancel up to 45 minutes of submitting your order

Ship to Home with Express Shipping

Order processes immediately; cancellation not available

Ship to Home with Expedited Shipping

Pay in Store

Ship to Store

Store Pickup

Multiple Pickup Methods

Authorization Process and Holds on Credit and Debit Cards

  • Your credit card/debit card will not be charged if you cancel your order; however you will most likely see an authorization hold on your account.
    • This pending charge is an initial hold that temporarily lowers your available balance.
    • The exact amount of time until funds are cleared is determined by your bank or credit card.
    • If an order is canceled, the authorization hold will expire in accordance with the terms of your bank or financial institution. Please contact your bank or financial institution for further details.
  • If you used a Gift Card to pay for your order, you may not receive credit back for a time period of up to 3 to 5 business days. You will receive an email confirming credit back to your form of tender once we are able to reissue credit.

Cancellations on Store Pickup Orders

Please note that Store Pickup orders will automatically be cancelled if not picked up within the designated time frame shown in the 'Ready for Store Pickup' email. You will receive a 'Store Pickup Reminder' email prior to the cancellation. If you are unable to meet the time frame, the order will be cancelled and you will receive an Order Cancelled email and credit back to your form of tender.

Cancellations on Pay In Store Orders

Please note that Pay in Store orders will automatically be cancelled if not paid for within 48 hours of receiving your Order Confirmation email. If you are unable to meet the time frame, the order will be cancelled and you will receive an Order Cancelled email. You will not have been charged for anything as the order was not paid for.