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When you're shopping on our websites, you can save items you would like to buy in your shopping cart until you are ready to purchase them.  Item(s) in your cart will remain there until they are purchased or removed. 

Here are some of the things you can do with the item(s) in your cart:

  • Update the quantity: If you'd like more or less of an item in your cart, type in the quantity you wish to purchase and select the "update cart" button.
  • Remove an item(s) from your cart: If you change your mind about an item(s), click "Remove" under the quantity.
  • How to get it: Items may be available for shipping or Free Store Pickup. If you've already selected an option, it will be indicated within the item's shipping information in the cart. If you haven't selected an option, you will be able to do so from your cart. If you have selected Free Store Pickup in your cart but have not selected a store, you will be required to select a store location for the pickup option before proceeding to checkout. Note: Some items may not be eligible for all options.
  • Continue shopping: If you wish to continue shopping after reviewing the contents of your cart, click on "Previous Page" or "Recently Viewed Items" links at the top of the cart page. You can return to your cart at any time by clicking on "My Cart" at the top of the page.
  • Proceed to secure checkout: Once you're done shopping, click the "CHECKOUT" button to purchase the item(s) in your cart. Our checkout process is easy and secure. See our secure shopping guarantee for details.
  • The Baby Registry or Wish List purchases in your cart: If you add an item(s) to your cart from a Baby Registry or Wish List, this item(s) will be identified as such in your cart. The corresponding Registry or Wish List will be updated once you make your purchase to help avoid duplicate gifts.