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What if I need help selecting items for my registry?

You have options and tools to help you get started! First, view our Must Have checklist to see all the baby essentials you will need. Then, use the must have checklist as a guide to select and add items to your registry or check out "R"Registry Builder tools which are another way to help you select baby products for your registry. You can use all three options to select items for your Registry. Here is how each one works:

Start with our Checklist:

Use our Checklist as a guide to make sure you don't forget anything you need for your baby.

  •  Click on a must-have or good-to-have item from the Checklist.
  •  Select a product and quantity, then add the item to your registry.
  •  View your Checklist to see a check mark displayed for that item.

Browse Friends' Registries:

Know someone who is expecting or has had a baby within last six months? View your friend's Babies"R"Us Registry. If you see something you like, you can register for it, too!

  •  Click on the Friends' Registries tab.
  •  Enter your friend's name, city and state, then click "Find Registry."
  •  View your friend's Baby Registry.
  •  Add items from your friend's registry by clicking on the box labeled "select," then enter the quantity you'd like.
  • You can also view your friend's registry by category. Just click on the links to add items to your registry.

Browse Showcase Registries:

Do you favor the latest trends, prefer the classics or consider yourself a bargainista? We've put together complete Showcase Registries to help give you ideas that best suit your lifestyle.

  • Click on the Showcase Registries tab.
  • Select the Showcase Registry you would like to view. For example, Classic Focus.
  • If you want to learn more about all of the Showcase Registries options, click Learn More for a description of each Showcase Registry.
  • To add an item from a Showcase Registry, click the box next to the item and enter the quantity. Please note, you can also view Showcase Registries by category by clicking on the appropriate links. For Example, select Nursery and that section of the Showcase Registry will be displayed.
  • When you are finished selecting items, do not forget to Add the items to your registry by clicking on the Add to Registry button.